Richard Taylor

Interview Date: October 20, 2009

Interview with Richard Taylor, author of the book The Great Crossing: A Historic Journey to Buffalo Trace Distillery. Taylor talks about the history of the Taylor family, including his ancestor Col. E.H. Taylor, Jr., who purchased the distillery on the Buffalo Trace site in the 1870’s. Richard Taylor explains how the Taylor family came to Kentucky and shares what he knows about the history of the Leestown area of Frankfort, where Buffalo Trace is located, a topic he has researched extensively. He also tells us about the history of distilling in that area and explains why it is a perfect environment to make whiskey.

Richard Taylor characterizes Colonel Taylor as an upstanding, dignified man and an important member of the Frankfort community. Additionally, he describes Colonel Taylor’s contributions to the bourbon industry, including his fervent support of quality control regulation for bourbon and his pioneering approach to producing and marketing bourbon as a commodity for mass consumption.

About Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor was born and raised in Kentucky and now resides in Frankfort. He has been a Professor of English at Kentucky State University, was the poet laureate of Kentucky from 1999-2001, and is now a visiting writer at Transylvania University.

Favorite bourbon: Blanton’s Reserve

Link to full interview video and transcript on the Kentuckiana Digital Library

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