E.H. Taylor Hay Jr.

Interview Date: October 20, 2009

Interview with E. H. Taylor Hay Jr., a descendant of the great entrepreneur and Kentucky statesman, Col. E.H. Taylor Jr. Taylor owned the distillery at the Buffalo Trace site, where he made Old Taylor brand bourbon whiskey. Hay explains the Taylor family genealogy and speaks at length about Colonel Taylor, describing his personality, his successes and failures in the bourbon industry, and his life as a public figure. He tells us about Taylor’s contributions to the industry, especially his advocacy of the Bottled-in-Bond Act, which established the quality-control regulations to which companies must adhere in order to call their products  “bourbon whiskey.”

He shares his delight that Colonel Taylor’s name will  continue to live on as Buffalo Trace resurrects the Old Taylor brand, which is now being produced at their distillery. Taylor’s legacy also endures as his descendants continue to live in the beautiful historic home, Scotland Farm, which was built with Taylor’s whiskey fortune.

About E.H. Taylor Hay Jr.

Hay is originally from San Diego, California, but he grew up primarily in Kentucky. As a young man he attended the Virginia Military Institute and served in the United States Air Force before returning to live in Kentucky, where he still lives today.

Favorite bourbon: Old Taylor

Link to full interview video and transcript on the Kentuckiana Digital Library

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