Maxine Wiley

Interview Date: April 20, 2010

Interview with Maxine Wiley, a long-time secretary for the Buffalo Trace Distillery who has recently retired. She describes her childhood on the farm and explains how she began working as a secretary at the distillery. She vividly characterizes life at the distillery in the 1950s and 1960s, telling us about what was and still is a colorful and exciting place to work.

Wiley explains the nature of the work she did and describes  the many bosses she had over the years, mentioning both Col. Albert Blanton and Elmer Lee. She shares entertaining anecdotes from the distillery and explains how the work culture and environment there have changed over time. Wiley discusses the distillery’s changes in ownership and describes the impact of these changes. Finally, she tells us how she would like to be remembered at the distillery in the future.

About Maxine Wiley

Maxine Wiley grew up on a farm in Woodford County, Kentucky. She retired in 2006 from her position as a secretary at the former Ancient Age Distillery, now Buffalo Trace, where she worked for fifty-four years. There is a garden honoring Mrs. Wiley’s loyal service to the company on the distillery’s grounds.

Favorite bourbon: Triple A, a former Ancient Age product

Link to full interview video and transcript on the Kentuckiana Digital Library

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