Noah Melgar

Interview Date: April 15, 2010
This is an edited version of the interview.  Access Full Interview Online here.
Noah Melgar joined the Marine Corps Reserves in 2005 after his freshman year in college.  He is currently a military policeman in the Marine Reserves and has served in Iraq and Uganda.  In this interview Melgar discusses joining the military and the reaction his mother and his father, a former Marine, had to his decision.  He discusses the duties of a military police officer and his experiences in the military police, particularly one experience controlling a riot in a Palestinian refugee camp.  Melgar also discusses guard duty on the Iraqi border, the difference between normal duty military and reserves, and non-combat deployments.  In addition he discusses returning to school after returning home.

School: University of Kentucky
Status: Undergraduate
Major: Agriculture Economics
Hometown: Miami, Florida
United States Marine Corps Reserves
Wars Served: Operation Iraqi Freedom
Dates: May 9, 2005 -

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