Ryan Dean Zimmerman

Interview Date: May 5, 2010
This is an edited version of the interview.  Access Full Interview Online here.

Ryan Dean Zimmerman graduated from the United States Military Academy West Point, served as a medical platoon leader in Afghanistan, and attended dental school at the University of Kentucky.  In this interview, Zimmerman describes his childhood and his experience as a student-cadet at West Point.  He discusses his reaction to 9/11 and his deployment to Afghanistan in the Medical Services Corps.  After sharing some stories from his deployment, Zimmerman discusses the process of enrolling in the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry, his experiences there, and contrasts himself with other dental students.

School: University of Kentucky
Status: Graduate
Major: Dental School
Hometown: Lafayette, Indiana
United States Army
Wars Served: Operation Enduring Freedom
Dates: May 31, 2003 – June 20, 2006

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